The Wilson Pacesetter Super-B offers a wide range of benefits over a conventional B-Double tipper combinations – in particular there is an extra payload advantage and the added bonus of cheaper insurance premiums. That is right, extra product per load, every trip, week in week out, which means more money in your pocket...


This is a short video we shot on How to operate a Roll Back A-Trailer and Retractable B-Trailer. 


The Gulf Country is one of Australias last frontiers and where the last of the real Outback Truckers run. We are heading up into the Gulf Country with Hawkins Freight Transports Gary Bishop and his C509.

To purchase a full copy of this DVD visit or call in at your local Kenworth Dealer and ask for Kenworth Country – Legends of the Outback Vol.8

We check out Hingston Transports latest MAN TGS26-480 with a Euro-5, 13-litre 480 horsepower MAN engine thats coupled to a Byford Equipment 30,000 litre stainless steel milk tanker with a Jost JSK 37 C-Z fifth wheel.  The MAN boasts ZF’s Tipmatic transmission while the trailer features BPW Trailer Electronic Braking System, which offers the Roll Stability Program. Another feature that gets high praise is the MAN EVBec with ZF gearbox intarder and downhill speed controller. 

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In this how to video tutorial we get Shanksie to run through the functions and set up of the new Alpine radio that is fitted in Kenworth truck  models T909, K200, T609 and T409. He uses an apple IPhone with OS 6.03 for the demonstration. The neat unit can run hands free phone, Bluetooth audio as well as Bluetooth navigation from the smart phone. 

Calvin Jones might not be an Outback Trucker but his run through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness is picturesque to say the least and presents challenges almost synonymous with that of ice road truckers with the exception of long icy lakes. Nevertheless along the way he practices his harmonica whenever he gets a spare minute or two on the long lonely stretches of highway. Today he entertains us with a short upbeat blues tune.


Freightliner Trucks unveiled a forward looking concept vehicle, the Revolution Innovation Truck to Australias leading Transport Journalists and we shot this short video of our tour in Daimlers Wind tunnel. The Revolutions unique, asymmetric crossover cab design marks the first time a day cab sized truck has included a sleek, integrated raised roof. Not only does this configuration provide a more expansive interior, but also the seamless integration removes management between the tractor and trailer to reduce overall drag and improve fuel economy

We journeyed to Sorell at the southern end of Tasmania to catch up with Darren Quinn and their latest bulk fertilizer hauler, a Western Star 4800 FX. Darren had invited us to join him on a run, to deliver fertilizer to a farm in the middle of the Apple Isle and see first hand how well his show winning Western Star handles the rugged terrain in Southern Tasmania.

We catch up with Tex Sheppard who trucks bananas, 5000 kilometers across the Australian continent from Townsville in Far North Queensland to Perth in Western Australia.  

We chat with Rob Cashman, who drives one of Haack Transports new DAF XF105s in a B-Double operation in Far North Queensland. Meanwhile Brown and Hurleys Townsville based DAF Salesman James Meakin runs through the main features of the new XF and tells us about the reliability and productivity of the new DAFs. So impressed with the new DAF that Haack Transports owner Eric Haack rang up and order another one straight away.

On cold winters morning we joined Calvin and Simon Jones in their immaculate 4900 Western Stars for a journey through picturesque northeast Tasmania on a run to deliver timber and sawdust.

The Brown & Hurley Group is an Australian family owned company, which distributes Paccar products such as Kenworth and DAF trucks in Queensland and northern New South Wales in Australia. The company operates seven full dealerships and employs around 350 staff. They are in the top group of Paccar dealers worldwide. The company was founded in 1946 and is financially stable and secure. They are a customer focused company and continually re-invest in the business to better service our customers and provide a better work environment for our staff.
What are they are looking for is Skilled Heavy Goods Mechanics, Auto Electricians & Parts Interpreters with qualifications and experience to join our long term, stable staff.
For more information visit or email

We drop in on a DAF CF85 8x4 working in sugar cane haul-out operation near Homehill in North Queensland.

MAN super spreader working in North East Tasmania]

This is the first volume of the Inland Truck Centres Inland Trucking, which showcase some of their customers and the fine rigs they operate.

Western Star Trucks had this cool truck with leather wrapped fuel tanks, bumper and air-cleaners at the Melbourne Truck show. 

This and other exciting stories are all on the new Western Star Highway Heroes Volume-2 DVD which is available from Western Star Trucks Dealers and online store at

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The plan was to drive up during the night and camp near the cattle yards where we’d be loading cattle at daylight the next morning. This and other exciting stories are all on the new Western Star Highway Heroes Volume-2 DVD. Coming soon. 

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To borrow a phrase from that true Australian Outback Legend Russell Coight, "lets get cracking on another Aussie adventure” with Scott Hintz and his 6900 Western Star on a big cattle muster in north west Queensland. The roads might be among the toughest in the world, they're damn rough. The river crossings are deep, some with dangerous crocodiles lurking near the banks but Scott and his Western Star prove they're more than up to the challenge. 

This and other exciting stories are all on the new Western Star Highway Heroes Volume-2 DVD which is available from Western Star Trucks Dealers and online store at

Phone: 07 3271 7777

In Part-4 of the Worlds Longest Roadtrain we see Dougs crew from the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie Western Australia hooking up the trailer combinations into groups of ten. In the meantime they ve sent out a call to all their mates, throughout the Pilbara, Kimberleys and as far south as Esperance to bring as many trailers and dollies as they can spare. They turned up from far and wide in their Macks, Scanias, Volvos, Internationals, Freightliners, Mercedes and Western Stars to lend a hand and all the dump truck drivers and loader operators all pitched in as well hooking up hoses.

This is the first part of the worlds longest roadtrain record set by Doug Gould in Kalgoolie Western Australia a few years ago 


In this short video clip we made for our nephews, we take Mater to meet Big Ken the Kenworth truck that hauls a triple roadtrain... albeit a toy one around the shed. We hope you enjoy this short toy story with Mater as he attempts to pull a roadtrain.

These hard working cattle roadtrains of Hampton Haulage are hauling six decks of cattle out of the top of Western Australia through rough bulldust tracks and deep river crossings. If you like seeing trucks working hard and going flat out then we hope you enjoy this clip.

A few years back Slingshot Haulage had the job of transporting rail line north of Alice Springs all the way up to Darwin. They gave Darwin based Tristar the job of building some unique trailers to do the job and ordered some purpose built Kenworth trucks to tow them. This is that story.

In this short video we made for our young nephews, Mater from Disney Pixar's cars movie continues his Australian Truck Tour in far north Queensland and finally gets to go for a ride in three-trailer Kenworth road train. Next week he is hoping to do some tractor tipping down in NSW.

North of the Dingo Fence

This video is from one of our earlier DVD's titled Year of the Outback Commemorative Edition. Its was filmed before widescreen and is in the older 4.3 format. We've just had it digitally remastered and its now available for sale at all Kenworth Dealers or through In this segment we travel north of the dingo fence with Porters transport, way out west of Charleville to get a load of cattle and in the process get bogged to the axles. We needed a four wheel drive to rescue us.

Our friends at Gone Touring – Motorcycle Adventures, filmed our heavy duty trucking reporter Shanskie the other day when he was unrolling his new swag and we thought you might like to check it out too. 




The annual V8 Supercars transporters parade before the Townsville 400, included the new Kenworth K200, MAN Vodaphone, Toll's UD, the black Jack Daniels Mack, Lightening McQueen's "Mac" Superliner transporter from the Cars movie. We filmed the parade passing Brown & Hurley's Townsville dealership on Ingham Road.

The Roadtrain film crew had an "Access all Areas" pass and caught a lift in the new V8 Supercars Kenworth K200 for an overnight run from the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide to Melbourne the Grand Prix. Like the cars it carries the pace is fast.

The team at Roadtrains in Action headed to Queensland's Central Highlands to check out a unique cotton hauling operation that's making the most of Kenworth's latest T909 roadtrain prime mover. 

Merely the mention of Savage River conjures up visions of wild white water torrents running through steep rugged rocky mountainous terrain. And thats what the Roadtrains in Action film crew discovered when they joined Hazell Bros and their Kenworth C508 on a heavy haulage run into the Savage River Magetite mine for the next Kenworth Country DVD (Volume-6) .... Coming soon.

The team at Australian Roadtrains in Action climbed aboard one of Kenworth's latest cabovers the K200, which features a virtual flat floor interior.

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Just For The Record tells how Kalgoorlie's Doug Gould and his mates connected 117 trailers to a Kenworth Truck powered by a tenacious 600 horsepower Caterpillar engine to make the world?s longest roadtrain. The full road train rolled along on 2126 wheels, and was almost a one-mile long.

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