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How to Raise and Lower a Kenworth Cab

To Raise the cab

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface to secure proper hook and latch alignment.
2. Apply the park brake.
3. Secure or remove all loose items in the cab and luggage compartments. Close all doors.
4. Check the clearance above and ahead of the cab. Be sure there will be enough room to clear roof antennae, roof fairings and side extenders when you tilt the cab. Check for obstructions overhead, such as branches, powerlines and lights. Check also for obstructions in front, such as walls, work benches and other vehicles.
5. Lower the Bullbar (where fitted)
6. Place the cab-jack control valve lever in the “Raise” position.

NOTE: When raising the cab, the safety lock bar should self-engage due to gravety and the force of the return spring. If it fails to engage properly, it can be pushed into place manually by using a long pole. Reach into the safety lock bar through the wheel arch, with your hand and arm only, DO NOT place any part of your body under the cab.

To Lower the cab
1. When lowering the cab from the partially tilted position, release the cab slightly to release pressure on the safety lock bar.
2. Using the T-handle, lift the safety lock bar and hold it until the cab descends past the engaged position.
3. Place the control valve lever in the return “Lower” position.
4. Pump until the cab starts to descend freely. The remaining travel is done by gravity. While the cab is lowering under gravity, its speed should be controlled by throttling the valve in the pump rather than allowing it to free-fall.
5. Leave the cab jack control valve in the down position for at least 20 seconds after the cab touches down. This allows time for full spring force to develop in the cab latch. Inspect the hooks to be sure the are closedIt they are not properly engaged, raise the cab slightly and guide the latch, if necessary, while lowering the cab.
6. Leave the control valve lever in the lower position.

April 29, 2014 | Posted in: Tech Tips



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