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Against All Odds

What are three Volvo FH12 500s doing in a fleet that has traditionally run only North American equipment? Jeff Leech of Leech’s Pty Ltd, based in the Victorian historical town of Castlemaine, offered a short explanation: ”The Volvo blokes just kept knocking on the door."  And then the man of few words added: “If we keep getting treated by CMV Truck & Bus over the next five years the way we’ve been looked after over the last two months there’ll probably be more Volvos in our fleet.”

Leech’s Pty Ltd kicked off during Word War II when Jeff Leech’s father  “aged 17” jumped into a Lend Lease Chev’ and started delivering split red gum logs to the Castlemaine Foundry, then producing castings for the war effort. When peace returned Leech`s gradually expanded its fleet and its operations into interstate haulage and now runs 16 prime movers and five cranes. The freight is sourced by Leech’s and from McPhees.  Leech’s needed some B-Double prime movers for the Melbourne-Brisbane run and Volvo came up with what have turned out to be ideal vehicles, and excellent value for money.  “I must say that Volvo wasn`t the brand that sprang immediately to mind when we asked different makers for pricing on their B-Double prime movers,” said Jeff Leech. “But when we weighed up the potential performance, fuel economy and the considerable range of features of the Volvo FH12 500s, we couldn`t say `no`.” 

April 17, 2014 | Posted in: Articles



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