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New EzyRider Premium Seat For Freightliner

EzyRider premium air-suspension seats are now standard equipment on Freightliner Century Class and Argosy trucks.

EzyRider has superior ride and support characteristics, wider seat and back cushions, and controls that enable drivers to dial in their preferred seat position on the first try, every time.

EzyRider was designed specifically to address shortcomings in previous designs, and to offer increased service life with reduced maintenance.

EzyRider is the product of an extensive two year Research and Development program by Freightliner, America`s biggest producer of heavy vehicles.

The R&D program included wide consultation with ergonomics experts, engineering specialists and road transport operators, and their inputs are obvious in the outstanding design.

EzyRider`s robust, wide track seat suspension eliminates side to side sway and prominent cushion bolsters hold the driver securely in the seat, even on crowned and rough roads.

The parallel arm suspension design reduces friction giving it superior response to bouncing and vibration from rough and pot holed road surfaces. And the seat suspension damper is tuned specifically to Century Class and Argosy ride characteristics to ensure optimal ride.

The seat back is 7.6 cm wider at shoulder level and 3.8 cm taller than the seat it replaces for improved head protection and upper back support.

The seat cushion is 3.1 cm wider than the old seat and is fully adjustable for tilt and length to give uniform support for drivers` legs no matter what their height and size is or how high they like to sit.

The wide, modern cabs on Freightliner Century Class and Argosy are ideally suited for wider EzyRider seats that would barely fit in older, narrow truck cabs.

The ergonomically contoured seat back comes standard with air adjustable lumbar support to take care of the driver`s lower back.

And EzyRider uses the latest variable density foam to strike an ideal balance between plush comfort and ergonomic support.

Seat controls are intuitive, making them easy and quick to adjust at driver changeover points or in the yard.

EzyRider premium driver seats come standard with arms designed to take the weight off drivers` shoulders and upper back on longhaul operations. A suspension shroud and heel protection are also standard features.

The easy-to-use seat adjustments, superior back and leg support and improved seat suspension help fight driver fatigue and provide long term health benefits.

The introduction of EzyRider to Freightliner trucks represents a significant step forward in driver comfort and safety.

April 17, 2014 | Posted in: Tech Tips



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