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New Mercedes-Benz Actros

Further details have been released about the new generation Mercedes-Benz Actros, due to be released in Australia in the third quarter of 2003.

The new Actros, which was unveiled at the recent IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, boasts a host of developments designed to make the next generation of the1997 European Truck of the Year even more popular than its predecessor.

More Power.
At the heart of the new generation Actros is the Euro-3 family of V6 and V8 engines that will comply with ADR80. When released in the Actros MkII, the engines will offer a minimum 10 horsepower increase over their predecessors.

The OM 501 LA V6 engine will offer a choice of 410 or 440 horsepower while the V8 engines are available in either 500 or 540 horsepower configurations.

Higher Payload for 4x2s
An improved transport capacity is also provided by the payload increase made possible by innovative technology such as the new axle concept and the new single-tyre rear axle with super-wide tyres.

The new HL6 rear axle with only two air bellows for the semi-trailer tractors up to 440 horsepower is approximately 90 kg lighter than the cast axles used previously. A further increase in payload of approximately 200 kg is achievable with the completely new, optionally available single-tyre concept using super-wide tyres on the drive axle. This also reduces the rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption.

If single tyres are specified, the previous twin tyres are replaced with a super-wide tyre, size 495/45 R 22.5, which has an extremely high load-bearing capacity. These feature an integral emergency running feature and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

More comfort.
The new Mercedes-Benz Actros is the first long-distance truck in the world to have an optional high-comfort bed for the driver that has been developed according to orthopaedic considerations.

One characteristic is the contour-supporting, slatted frame with a breathable foam mattress measuring 800 mm x 2020 mm. In cabs with the new, recessed rear wall there is also considerably more space (+ 110 mm) in the upper body area. This means that the new Actros offers the driver a comfortable, combined working and living environment in which the seats and bed have obtained the seal of approval by a German spinal health initiative supported by medical associations, medical insurers, orthopaedic specialists and trade associations.

Particular attention was also paid to a new, modular stowage concept in all areas of the cab. Compared to the preceding series, there is up to 200 % more space for stowage compartments and trays to accommodate the driver`s working and personal items.

More space.
Significantly better use of the area behind the cab is made possible by the innovative "component-carrier rear end" of the new generation Actros semi-trailer tractors. Relocating numerous components has made increased space available for various mounted units such as larger fuel tanks or hydraulic pumps, compressors etc.

The previously unused space between the rear axle and the rear cross-member is now used to accommodate the implement carrier with batteries and the air reservoir.

We have KontAct.
Even greater reliability and extended functions have become possible with the new electronics concept known as KontAct.

This extends CAN-bus networking covering the entire vehicle, thereby also expanding the diagnostic functions in the truck. Both the vehicle front and vehicle rear have their own control module, which has allowed the number of cables and connections to be significantly reduced. In addition KontAct makes functions normally found in cars possible, such as telephone or radio operation using keys on the steering wheel.

Trailblazing technology
Technology from the previous Mercedes-Benz Actros, such as the Telligent gearshift, Telligent automatic gearshift and the Telligent brake system, have been further developed for the new Mercedes-Benz Actros with improved operation.

Driver assistance systems lately introduced for Mercedes-Benz trucks such as Lane Assistant, Telligent proximity control and Telligent stability control are also available for the new Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Model choice will range from the 1841, 2641 and 2644 V6 models to the 2650, 2654 and 3354 V8 models. The 8x8 model will be known as the 4144.

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