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Mercedes Benz launches new generation rigid range for Australia

Mercedes-Benz has launched an all-new rigid range at the Brisbane Truck Show.

Having successfully introduced its new generation of prime movers in October last year, Mercedes-Benz is now releasing a family of versatile rigid models covering everything from distribution to waste applications.

Just like the prime mover models that are impressing current Mercedes-Benz customers and wowing those who are new to the brand, the rigid models bring a suite of new technology including Euro 6 emission ratings, fuel economy savings, reduced AdBlue consumption, advanced safety technology and new levels of comfort and refinement.

The new rigid model range was part of a comprehensive local testing program that has now included more than 35 customers, 20 trucks and more than 1.8 million km.

Mercedes-Benz developed the new generation rigid range after consulting customers in varied operations. The model line-up features a wide range of application-specific models, configured to get the job done.

The second phase of the new generation Mercedes-Benz truck introduction includes on-road rigid models, while the third phase, set for late this year, will see the introduction of the construction and all-wheel-drive rigid models ready for off-road work.
Mercedes-Benz director, Michael May, says the rigid range introduction follows on from the successful introduction of the prime mover range.

“We have had some fantastic feedback from customers of our new generation prime movers who are extremely pleased with the performance and economy they are delivering,” May says. “We are now ready for the second stage of our roll out, with our rigid distribution line-up set to deliver a new standard of efficiency, reliability and versatility for our customers.”

The rigid model line-up introduced in Brisbane runs all the way from a 12-tonne rigid city distribution unit through to a 32-tonne 8x4 model that can be used for palletized freight, equipment haulage or waste work.

Advanced technology is at the heart of the new generation Mercedes-Benz rigid trucks, with new engine families helping to deliver performance increases and fuel economy improvements.

Customers can choose from 8-litre and 11-litre units for the rigid range, although powerful 13-litre and 16-litre engines are also available for individual builds.

All of the engines meet advanced Euro 6 emission standards and feature asymmetric turbocharging as well as X-Pulse high pressure direct injection technology, which both help more usable torque and assist with low speed drivability. 

They also feature a powerful new engine brake with up to 340kW of power, although a water retarder can increase the available braking force to a total of 750kW. 

The 8-litre six-cylinder engine is available with either 299hp or 354hp, while the 11-litre unit is available with ratings of 394hp, 428hp or 455hp.

The company believes the wide spread of available engines will cover a huge range of applications.
Fully automated transmissions are standard across the rigid range.

These eight-speed and 12-speed transmissions feature faster shifting and a new creeper gear for low speed work such moving into loading bays.

There are three different cab groups, starting with the smaller 2.3m S Classic Space for the 1630L 4x2 medium duty distribution model, moving up to the 2.3m M Classic Space for 2530 and 2535L 6x2 heavy duty distribution and capping off with the 2.3m M Classic Space for the 6x4 and 8x4 heavy duty distribution and vocational models. Sleeper cabs and rear seat options are available on select models.
Mercedes-Benz has developed new cabs and chassis for the rigid range, delivering better stability and roadholding as well as improved refinement and comfort.

All of the cabs meet the strict Swedish cab test and come standard with roof-mounted air-horns, remote locking, electric mirrors and a locally-developed touchscreen sat nav and audio unit with DVD player and Bluetooth connectivity.

The new driver-focused interior delivers a big improvement in refinement levels, with controls located well within reach of the driver. Several items can now be controlled using the steering wheel controls.
Customers can also option up the cabins with interior style packs and are able to choose the wood-look/velour Home Line treatment or the metal-look chrome Style Line treatment.   

The new rigid range comes standard with an Electronic Braking System, with key models incorporating Stability Control Assist, Hill Hold Assist and Traction Control. Models 18-tonne and above are also available with optional advanced safety systems including Active Brake Assist 4, which automatically performs emergency braking for most obstacles and can now initiate partial braking for pedestrians.
Mercedes-Benz is offering a complimentary servicing program for key on-highway new generation rigid models. The coverage for medium models includes Best Basic servicing for 2 years/250,000km and 5 years/500,00km for heavy duty models. This offer does not apply for off-road, specialised, waste and steel suspended models.   

Medium Duty Distribution
4x2 Rigid  1230 L and 1630 L
ENGINE: 7.7-litre OM936 with 299hp and 1200Nm
TRANSMISSION: Eight-speed PowerShift AMT
CABS: S-Cab Classic and S-Cab Classis Extended, L-Cab Classic Space and L-Cab Big Space
WEIGHTS: 11,990kg GVM and up to 28,000kg GCM on 1230, 16,000kg GVM and up to 28,000kg GCM on 1630

Heavy Duty Distribution
6x2 Rigid  2530 and 2535
ENGINE: 7.7-litre OM936 with 299hp and 1200Nm (2530) and 354hp and 1400Nm (2535)
TRANSMISSION: Eight-speed PowerShift AMT
CABS: M-Cab Classic Space
WEIGHTS: 26,000kg GVM and up to 32,000kg GCM

Heavy Duty Distribution and Vocational
6x4 Rigid  2635, 2640, 2643 and 2646
ENGINE: 7.7-litre OM936 with 354hp and 1400Nm (2635), 11-litre OM470 with 394hp and 1900Nm (2640), 11-litre OM470 with 428hp and 2100Nm (2643) and 11-litre OM470 with 455hp and 2200Nm
TRANSMISSION: 12-speed PowerShift AMT
CABS: M-Cab Classic Space and L-Cab Classic Space
WEIGHTS: 26,000kg GVM and up to 32,000kg GCM (2635) and 26,000kg up to 44,000kg GCM (others)

Heavy Duty Distribution and Vocational
8x4 Rigid 3240 L, 3243 L, 3246 L
ENGINE: 11-litre OM470 with 394hp and 1900Nm (3240), 11-litre OM470 with 428hp and 2100Nm (3243) and 11-litre OM470 with 455hp and 2200Nm (3246)
TRANSMISSION: 12-speed PowerShift AMT
CABS: M-Cab Classic Space
WEIGHTS: 32,000kg GVM and up to 44,000kg GCM

• New engine families

• Euro 6 emissions rated

• Fuel savings across the range

New engine families feature in the Mercedes-Bens rigid range.
The first is the 8-litre OM 936, which features one or two turbochargers depending on the model (using asymmetrical turbo technology) and high pressure fuel injection.

Another is the OM 470 11-litre, which uses a single asymmetrical turbocharger and X-Pulse variable high pressure injection. This engine uses a higher compression ratio and delivers higher torque at lower engine revs.

While these two engines will cover most applications, customers are also able to select the OM 471 13-litre and OM 473 16-litre for specific rigid models.

All engines use one-piece steel pistons instead of aluminium, have reinforced conrods and a more rigid crankcase.

The Mercedes-Benz asymmetric turbocharger improves performance at low engine speeds. The asymmetric turbo design, with its fixed turbine geometry, varies the intake flow with a simple valve. This turbocharger design features less moving parts than a variable geometry turbocharger.

Drivability has been improved across the range with more torque when starting off.

The new Mercedes-Benz range uses Selective Catalytic Reduction with AdBlue fluid, Exhaust Gas Recirculation and a Diesel Particulate Filter.

• 8 and12 speed AMT units

• Crawler function

• EcoRoll economy mode

The rigid line-up includes uses 8-speed and 12-speed PowerShift AMT units.

The fully automated PowerShift 3 transmission changes 20 per cent faster than the previous generation unit. A clever crawl function allows the vehicle to start easing forward when the transmission is in Drive and when the accelerator pedal is not being pressed.

The gear lever control is mounted on the right-hand stalk, along with controls for the engine brake function.

The new Mercedes-Benz trucks also have a fuel saving feature called EcoRoll. The transmission disconnects the drivetrain in overrun mode in certain circumstances when the truck is in automatic mode and is travelling in excess of 55km/h. It returns to normal operation if the accelerator, brake pedal or engine brake is applied.

• Automatic engine brake engagement

• Optional water retarder

Engine braking has been upgraded across the range, with 300kW for the 8-litre and 340kW for the 11-litre unit. The engine brake comes on automatically when the service brakes are engaged.
Three cylinders are used in phase one, six-cylinders are used in phase two, while six-cylinders, the EGR valve and wastegate are used in phase three for optimum braking power.

Additionally, a water retarder offering maximum braking force of up to 750kW is available as an option.

New generation rigid models feature a full Electronic Braking System with a back-up pneumatic system and anti-locking brakes. Also standard is a hill-hold function to aid moving away from a stop on a grade.

• High level of safety is standard

• Advanced safety tech option

In addition to its anti-locking Electronic Braking System, the new Actros features traction control as standard, along with Stability Control Assist on key models, which helps to maintain the stability of the vehicle combination in critical driving situations. This quick-acting system can reduce engine power and use targeted braking of individual wheels.

When the vehicle brakes heavily, fast flashing hazard tail lights come on to warn other road users (upon full braking above 50km/h).

The reinforced cab exceeds the Swedish cab strength test standard as well as ECE R29, while a driver’s airbag is standard on all models.

Mercedes-Benz is offering advanced safety technology to customers of rigid models 18-tonnes and above with an optional Safety Pack that includes Lane Keeping Assist, Proximity Control Assist, Attention Assist and Active Brake Assist 4.

Lane Keeping Assist warns a driver if the truck departs the lane without indicators engaged while travelling at more than 60km/h.

Proximity Control Assist helps the driver maintain a distance to the vehicle in front. It is now effective from 0km/h and includes the ability to come to a complete stop and start again, as long as the truck is not stopped for more than two seconds. In that event, the driver needs only to tap the accelerator and the system will engage again.

Attention Assist monitors the driver’s attentiveness based on steering behaviour, lane keeping and driver activity. It activates Lane Keeping Assist as a first warning (if the system is deactivated) and issues another warning after 15 minutes if the inattentiveness worsens.

Active Brake Assist 4 has the ability to perform emergency braking when it senses a road hazard. It now has the ability to perform full emergency braking for stationary objects and is active from 0km/h. It can even automatically begin partial braking for pedestrians.

• Preferential rates for parts and service

• Free service plans of select models

• Optimised resale value

The next generation Mercedes-Benz rigid family is available with a range of Service Plans that make life easier for customers who appreciate attractive predetermined maintenance and repair costs, improved vehicle operational reliability and reduced administration work.
These flexible plans can be customised for any fleet. There are four different Service Plans from Best Basic through to Complete.
Customers taking up a Service Plan benefit from preferential rates on parts and labour, resale value maintenance, improved operational reliability.
Mercedes-Benz is offering a complimentary servicing program for on-highway models in the new generation rigid range. The coverage for medium duty on-highway models includes Best Basic servicing for 2 years/250,000km and 5 years/500,00km for heavy duty on-highway models. This offer does not apply to off-road, specialised, waste and steel suspended models.

• Guaranteed future value
• Sell, trade or return the vehicle
Mercedes-Benz Financial is the dedicated finance provider for Mercedes-Benz Trucks. It can tailor a plan to suit individual requirements and offer a suite of financing options that meet individual needs.
Customers also have the option of using Agility, which allows Mercedes-Benz Financial to guarantee the future value of the vehicle, meaning that when the agreement comes to end, the customer has the option to trade-in, retain or return the vehicle.

Two years bumper to bumper and 4 years/500,00km driveline warranty for medium duty on-highway models.
Two years bumper to bumper and 4 years/800,000km for heavy duty on-highway models.
One year bumper to bumper and 3 years/250,000km for all off-road, specialised, waste and steel suspended models.

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