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Evolution of popular Fuso Canter continues

Fuso has released an improved Canter line-up in response to customer feedback.

It has introduced a range of new features to improve driver experience as well as upgraded seats and interior trim.

The proven mechanical specification of the Canter range has been left alone, although the Duonic automated manual transmission version now features a hill holder function to assist drivers, along with standard cruise control.

Fuso’s design team has already delivered an attractive look for the Canter, so the exterior styling remains unchanged except for a silver painted top grille louvre that gives the upgraded model a subtle lift.

The changes found in the cabin are more obvious, with the blue dashboard and seat trim replaced with a darker theme.

The dashboard and door panels are now a mixture of black and grey, while silver-painted highlights have been added to the gearshift lever surround (on Duonic models) and a steering wheel mounted badge.

The seat trim has also changed from blue to black, with new hard-wearing vinyl side bolstering introduced to eliminate the chance of fabric fraying due to driver ingress and egress or seatbelt abrasion.

While the appearance of the seats has been improved, drivers and passengers will also appreciate the introduction of additional padding.

Other interior improvements include a ceiling-mounted LED room lamp, a sunvisor pocket and new floor mounted bottle tray. Fuso has also reintroduced a clever storage compartment integrated into the middle seatback. The driver can access the hidden compartment by releasing a catch and folding down the padded front section.

The Canter facelift comes soon after Fuso introduced a class-leading five-year/200,000km/4000 hour warranty on Canter models, in addition to a five-year warranty (with varying km and hour limits) across its range of trucks and Rosa bus, and a complimentary first service and safety check. Fuso has also moved to reduce the cost of spare parts to further improve the business case of owning its trucks.  

“Canter already had the best-in-class payload, as well as excellent efficiency and performance, but we have introduced several targeted initiatives aimed at further increased efficiency for our customers,” says Fuso Truck and Bus Director, Justin Whitford.

“Along with our class-leading warranty backing, these changes make the Canter range an even more cost-effective tool for any job.”

Fuso Senior Manager, Product Management and Engineering, Romesh Rodrigo, says: “The changes introduced for Canter are in direct response to customer feedback and continue the evolution of our most popular model.”

“We are very pleased to introduce a range of product and operational changes that we know will be appreciated by our customers.”

The Canter uses a proven 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that can be selected with a five-speed manual transmission or optional six-speed Duonic twin-clutch automated manual, which ensures fast and smooth gearshifts.

The revised Canter is now available through Fuso’s national network of 37 sales dealerships.

Fuso wins the limbo with clever urban Canter

Fuso is targeting urban operators with the clever Super Low Canter that easily fits into tight spaces with low overhead clearance.

The Super Low 515 City Cab has an unladen height of just 2.01m and is the only Japanese truck in the Australian market that can safely move under a 2.1m ceiling, with a safety margin of nearly 10cm.

This means the Super Low can easily make it into most carparks to make deliveries, pick-ups or carry out other work. Operators who service customers with low access facilities such as food services, waste collection, low access carpark recovery, liquid pumping, delivery, plumbing, shop fitting, building and shopping trolley collection, as well as urban councils, could all benefit from the Canter Super Low model.

Its ability to do the limbo has not affected the Super Low Canter’s effectiveness, as it retains the same strength and practicality as its regular sibling, the 515 City Cab.

The Canter 515 Super Low City Cab has a Gross Vehicle Mass of 4500kg, which means it can be driven on a car licence, and with a Gross Combination Mass of 8000kg, it is extremely versatile. It comes standard with the quick shifting six-speed Duonic automated manual transmission (AMT), which makes life easier for the driver.

“We are the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer this type of product and we know it is the perfect model for operators in certain industries,” says Fuso Product Management and Engineering Senior Manager, Romesh Rodrigo.

“Hitting the ceiling in a covered carpark is an expensive mistake and being denied access to key locations because your truck is too tall can limit the effectiveness of operators to service their customer’s needs. That’s why Fuso has delivered this clever solution,” Mr Rodrigo says.

The Canter 515 is also fitted with independent front suspension, which provides excellent ride and handling characteristics without sacrificing its load carrying ability

The 515 Super Low City Cab runs a 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that generates 110kW of power between 2840rpm and 3500rpm and 370Nm of torque from 1350rpm to 2840rpm.

Along with the other models in the Canter range, the 515 Super Low City Cab has just received key upgrades.

These include a new driver and passenger seat with black trim, including hard-wearing vinyl side bolsters, new-look black dashboard and door panels, centre seat storage, a floor tray, an overhead storage compartment, an LED room light and a Hill Start Assist feature for Duonic models.  

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