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The Legend 900 revives the glory days of Australian transport.

For Kenworth, the journey began in ’71 when the first Australian-made Kenworth trucks rolled off the line.

There have been challenges along the way, like those dusty outback tracks on which the Kenworth legend was forged, but we persevered… We’re not alone on that score; Australia’s transport operators have never been short on tenacity. From the saleyards, the forests, and the remotest of mines, to the ports, cities, and paddocks in harvest–there’s always been opportunity… another destination, another payload, another journey.

For more than four decades, Australian-made Kenworths have helped operators haul huge payloads, across vast distances on roads good, bad and sometimes barely there at all.

And there have been more than a few changes since those first Cab Overs and W models were built. Each of the uniquely Australian models released over the years was developed to be the best tool for the job; more capability, more durability, and more than just a little appeal for the driver behind the wheel.

We’ve sold them to first timers with a glint in their eye and fire in their belly; to family businesses passing the load from generation to generation; multinational corporations; and everyone in between.

As a tribute to those with whom we’ve so proudly shared the journey, we are releasing a limited edition model unlike any before it—the Legend 900.

Celebrating our heritage with an instantly recognisable road presence, this unique Kenworth combines original styling accents from our early years of manufacturing in this country, with an iconic model that wrote its own chapter in our ongoing journey.

Only a limited number of these Legend 900s will be manufactured. Will you be one of the few to secure your piece of Kenworth history?

The debut of this truck followed much speculation the brand would release another historic tribute model, following the outstanding response to the Legend 950 in 2015. The Legend 900 will not disappoint, combining modern technology with limited edition features and a uniquely Kenworth heritage feel, that is in a class all of its own.

Modelled on the legendary W-model and introduced in 1991, the T900 with its classic look and style was designed with the versatility to operate in almost any application, and tough enough to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

Built to revive the character of the American-style long bonneted truck, the T900, though not the spitting image of its much-loved predecessor the W900AR, showcased its own elegance and class and all that was attractive in the much- sought-after W-model. Although it has been many years since its production, the appeal of the T900 has never faded and is reborn with the release of the second Legend Series truck, the Legend 900.

The common thread carried through the Legend Series models is the compelling combination of the latest technology for safer, cleaner and more productive operation, with iconic design features that help many enduring memories live on.

Brad May, Director Sales and Marketing at PACCAR Australia said, “not only does the Legend 900 symbolise the Kenworth spirit, it celebrates the long history of manufacturing in Australia and some of the legends that have been along for the ride.

“Aside from the significance of the 900 in Australian history, the truck represents not only our heritage in this country, but also recognises the people behind the trucks, the owners, drivers, dealers and suppliers, and many others who have helped make Australian-made Kenworths an integral part of Australia’s road transport landscape.”

One of these people is Allan “Steady” Stead, one of Kenworth’s longest-serving employees who dedicated his working life to improving the product for customers all around Australia. As a tribute to him, the first Legend 900 has been named “Steady” in his honour.

The first Legend 900 was on display at the Brisbane Truck Show from Thursday 25 May – Sunday 28 May.

With a uniquely Kenworth heritage feel and limited edition features, the Legend 900 is in keeping with the original T900. Many of the limited edition features have been specifically manufactured and in some cases handmade to recreate this unique truck.


These features include:

The last of the flat screen B series cabs providing extra head room and seat travel, meaning greater levels of comfort for the driver than the original T900.
Traditional doors and door handles complete with airlift windows.
36-inch and 50-inch cabs are available in both an Aero 1 and flat roof design. A dove tail air deflector atop the sleeper is included with the aero.
Two piece (split) windscreen with chrome trim and topped off with a two piece stainless sun visor, bullet style cab marker lights and dual round air horns.
The hood is adorned with heritage Kenworth and Cummins badges with the traditional italic Kenworth bug sitting proudly above the grille fitted with 7 vertical grille bars.
Side-mounted exhausts include a wraparound cover, just like the old T900s, with exposed chrome elbows and 7-inch curved pipes to give the truck a commanding presence.
The interior of the Legend 900 is befitting of a VIP experience, featuring diamond pleat trim with ‘Legend 900’ embossed into the rear wall and door trims and a wooden plaque on the glove box lid to identify the unique build number of each truck.
Stainless scuff plates adorned with the Legend 900 logo on door openings.
A traditional Kenworth bug and Legend 900 logo is embroidered into the leather seats.
The gear lever of the manual transmission is topped with a handmade wooden gear knob featuring the original Eaton Fuller logo and a stainless steel Legend 900 surround is fitted around the sock.
A traditional flat dash layout houses a full suite of handmade heritage style chrome-bezeled and white-faced gauges, featuring the traditional Kenworth bug, toggle switches with back lit graphics and a 4 spoke leather steering wheel.
On the body of the truck, traditional extruded aluminium tank steps run alongside round fuel tanks, stainless rear guards and tail light bars are standard, as are black rubber mudflaps adorned with the traditional Kenworth bug.
Under the hood is a Cummins X15 engine specially painted in red and black to commemorate the Cummins N14 engine that was fitted to many of the original T900s.
Filtration is taken care of via a pair of 16-inch Cyclopacs fitted with matching size stainless caps and chrome bowls.


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