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Fuso cuts prices of truck & bus parts

Fuso Truck and Bus has cut the prices of key consumable parts by an average of more than 30 per cent.
The company has introduced a new parts pricing regime, reducing the price of more than 10,000 items as part of an initiative to reduce the total cost of ownership for its customers.

The price changes follow Fuso’s introduction of a standard warranty that lasts five-years (or a certain amount of km/hours, the amount of which varies from model to model) for all Fuso trucks and the Rosa bus, along with a complimentary first scheduled service and safety check.

“Fuso trucks and buses are already getting the job done all day and every day for our loyal customers, who appreciate their economy and reliability,” says Fuso Truck and Bus Director, Justin Whitford.

“The significant changes made to our parts price structure will yield our customers even more savings and further reduce whole of life ownership costs. It’s just another example of Fuso’s support for our long-term business partners,” Mr Whitford says. 

The prices of popular items including oil filters, air filter elements, fuel filters, alternators and starter motors have been reduced by between 32 per cent and 61 per cent in releation to their recommended retail pricing before July1.

“The parts price cuts have been applied to more than 10,000 items including the most common consumable parts our customers need,” says Mr Whitford. 

“These are substantial savings that make the business case for choosing a Fuso truck or bus even stronger,” Mr Whitford says. 

Fuso has also lengthened the service intervals of some key components that will continue to remain well within durability parameters, further reducing running costs.

May 25, 2017 | Posted in: News



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