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Rigids ready for Mercedes-Benz Actros Range

Mercedes-Benz will launch an all-new on-highway rigid range at this month’s Brisbane Truck Show.

The company will also present its newly introduced prime mover models to the public for the first time at the event that runs from May 25 to 28.

Mercedes-Benz successfully launched its new generation Actros family of trucks in October last year and is now ready to launch the rigid versions, which bring with them the same suite of benefits customers of the new prime mover have already been enjoying.

The new rigid model was part of a comprehensive local testing program that has now included more than 35 customers, 20 trucks and more than 1.8 million km.

All the details of the new rigid stable will be revealed at the show, but Mercedes has confirmed the line-up will include a mix of versatile drive combinations all the way from 4x2 through to 8x4.

Standard engine options include 8-litre and 11-litre units, with up to 350hp and 460hp respectively, while 13-litre and 16-litre engines are available for individual builds.

The new Euro 6 engines feature the latest technology including the X-Pulse high pressure injection system and simple and robust asymmetric turbocharger technology, which helps deliver more torque at lower engine speeds.
Several measures have driven down fuel consumption, while also delivering AdBlue consumption reductions.

The new rigid range will also feature a host of standard and optional advanced safety systems from stability control and safer cab structure to an Active Brake Assist 4 function (for 18-tonne and above models) that automatically performs emergency braking for most obstacles and can now even initiate partial braking for pedestrians.

Mercedes-Benz will release specialist and construction-oriented rigid models later this year.

The Brisbane rigid launch comes as more and more customers are taking delivery of new Mercedes-Benz prime mover models.

Flooring specialist GMK Logistics has been surprised by the fuel savings it is realizing after adding one new generation Mercedes-Benz Actros to its fleet, which is part of the vast CTI fleet.

“The fuel economy figures they are getting represent a 25 per cent improvement in fuel economy over the old truck,” says CTI Logistics Commercial Manager, Glenn Brown. “That is significant.”

The results are so good that CTI has placed an order for more Actros models.

Transtex is another happy Actros customer and its Managing Director, Shane Blakeborough, has taken delivery of four prime movers, with many more on the way.

Initially hesitant to drive a Mercedes-Benz truck due to a preference for American metal, Mr Blakeborough is now a convert, describing the model as a “game changer”.

He decided to place an order after spending time in an evaluation vehicle.
“With the savings we saw, it was a no brainer,” Shane says.
“The fuel economy figures are incredible,” he adds.

Blakeborough says of the new-generation Mercedes-Benz Actros: “It does everything you need a truck to do; it is extremely efficient, has the performance, it is refined and is very comfortable.”

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