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Fuso does more for Les in Tamworth

Tamworth’s Les Sutton bought his first Fuso in 1990, the year the first ever web page went live.
A lot has changed since then, and there are now an estimated 4.7 billion webpages in existence, but Les still uses Fuso trucks for his Tamworth Car Carriers fleet.

The company has four Fuso Heavy trucks, ranging from a new example with only a few thousand on the clock to a 13-year-old version that’s done 1.2 million km, along with three other trucks.
Les has been involved in car haulage for more than three decades.

“I first started driving an old 410 Acco, then I bought a Ford Louisville, then a Hino, and an F86 Volvo, so I had a bit of a mix there of second hand trucks,” he says.

“Then in 1990, I bought my first Mitsubishi, it was called Mitsubishi then, traded that in in 1996 and bought another one.”

After a short stint behind a desk, Les decided to start his own business in 2005, transporting new and used cars all over from between Tamworth to Sydney, the North West of New South Wales and up to Brisbane. He started his fleet off with two Fuso trucks, one of which is still going strong.

The two trucks have notched up a combined total of 2.4 million kilometres and never had a problem.
Les recently replaced one of the original trucks with a new 6x4 Fuso Heavy from Tamworth Fuso dealer JT Fossey, buying from salesman John Saint (who actually sold Les his first Fuso back in the day).
But there is no rush to swap over the other old truck because it is ticking over nicely. 

Pointing to the older Fuso, Les says: “That truck, it’s done 1.2 million km and hasn’t missed a beat,” Les says.
“All it’s had are its services, we put in a clutch, I think at about 800,000km or 900,000km I put a reconditioned gearbox in it and still got the original brakes and original motor.”

Les says the other truck he just traded in was just as reliable.

“I have tried a few other trucks here in town, haven’t had much success, so these are what I am buying again,” Les says.

“These trucks are miles better and the price is right.”

Wayne Berning often drives the remaining older Fuso and says it runs beautifully.
“It is an old truck, but it doesn’t feel like one and is still really comfortable,” he says.
“It is really stable and I just like the way it sits on the road”. 

The operation takes good care of the older Fuso and the truck is prime condition.

Wayde’s dad Paul drives the new 6x4 Fuso and admits he had his doubts when Les handed him the keys.
“I’m not a Fuso man, I didn’t think it would go as well as it would, but the more I drive the more I like it,” he says.
The new 6x4 is an FV54, which features a Daimler-sourced 12-litre six-cylinder that makes 455hp and 2200Nm of torque linked to a 12-speed two-pedal automated manual transmission. The prime mover also runs rear air suspension.

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