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Mercedes-Benz launches next generation truck in Australia

• Significant fuel savings from new high-performance 11-litre, 13-litre and 16-litre engines
• New cabin delivers comfort, refinement and spacious bed
• 20 trucks, 35 customers and 1 million km of local evaluation
• 500,000km/5 year’s free scheduled servicing offer 

Mercedes-Benz has launched the next generation Actros in northern Queensland, setting a new standard for heavy trucks in Australia.

More than 260 customers, dealers and media were on hand for the launch of the groundbreaking truck that has been introduced after an 18 month local evaluation program involving 35 customers, 20 trucks more than 1 million km. 

Introducing a new dimension for driver comfort, the next generation Actros, launched at a glittering event in Cairns, also delivers performance and economy with four new engines including a high-performance 11-litre, 13-litre and the range-topping 16-litre.

Using feedback from the Australian and New Zealand trials, Mercedes-Benz has developed a product line-up that targets key mainstream applications, giving customers the exact trucks they need to get the job done.

Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus director, Michael May, says the new Actros is ready to roll.
“We are excited to introduce the next generation Mercedes-Benz truck to our key Australian customers,” Mr May says.

“They have helped us put together a fantastic line up of trucks that will deliver new standards of efficiency, reliability and comfort.”

Mercedes-Benz has launched with prime mover models focusing on metro, regional, B-double and road train work. It will introduce rigid models in the second quarter of 2017, while all-wheel drive models will follow later that year.

The next generation Actros was the subject of an unprecedented development program with more than 50 million test km and grueling drive programs in six summer test cycles in Southern Italy and Spain with temperatures of up to 50 degrees and six winter test cycles in Sweden and Finland with temperatures dropping to minus 40 degrees.

First launched five years ago in Europe, the Actros won the 2012 International Truck of the Year and a string of other awards for quality, economy and environmental credentials. 

Mercedes-Benz has sold more than 200,000 units of the next generation truck and customers have already covered an estimated 12 billion km.

The truck features a new range of in-line six-cylinder engines that deliver fuel economy savings of up to 7 per cent* and an AdBlue consumption reduction of up to 40 per cent, while the latest generation of automated transmissions change gears 20 per cent faster and incorporate a clever new crawler function for low speed work.

The next generation Actros also delivers when it comes to safety with a strong new cab, a range of standard safety systems and advanced optional electronic assistance programs including Proximity Control Assist adaptive cruise control with stop/start function and Active Brake Assist.

Mercedes-Benz hags introduced key local upgrades for the new Actros, locally-sourcing inner-spring mattresses for increased comfort, long range fuel tanks and a 6.1-inch touch screen truck sat-nav unit and sound system.

“The feedback from our evaluation program indicates our key customers are very impressed by the trucks we have developed for our market and many have already placed orders,” says Mercedes-Benz Trucks sales manager, Andrew Assimo.

Mercedes-Benz is also committed to supporting the trucks when they hit the road and has undertaken its largest pre-launch technician preparation program, which including theory training and servicing work on the 20 trucks in the evaluation fleet.

Mercedes-Benz is also offering 500,000km/5 year’s free scheduled servicing on all new Actros prime movers (4x2 and 6x4). This offer, which will be available for the next 12 months, includes the Best Basic Service Plan which excludes wheels, rims and tyres.

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