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Nearly 40 Years After Its Release, The Cast Of Smokey And The Bandit Tell The Story Behind The Story

A behind-the-scenes documentary of the cult-classic trucker movie, Smokey and the Bandit, will be debuting on August 6th — nearly 40 years after its theatrical release.

Smokey and the Bandit’s release in 1977 was an unexpected phenomenon that became the second-highest grossing film that year behind Star Wars. The action-packed movie tells the tale of truck drivers who illegally bootleg beer across state lines and a friendship that grew through a series of adventure.

According to My Palm Beach Post, director Jesse Moss first set out to make a documentary about the legendary movie but wound up telling a different tale. Featuring Burt Reynolds “Bandit” and detailing the life of his deceased stunt-double and friend, Hal Needham, The Bandit reveals what the original film left unsaid.

It’s a story about an unparalleled bond that formed between the two men during their careers.

Moss explained that the documentary turned into “a buddy movie about a buddy movie, a look at a relationship and the trajectory of their respective careers. It’s how much Burt risked his own life and career to make that film, out of his faith in his friend. They had a special connection and did something together they couldn’t do by themselves. And to everyone’s surprise, it was an extraordinary success.”

The documentary, The Bandit, will feature rare archive material along with exclusive interviews with cast members. Burt Reynolds, along with other famous actors from the original film, tells never-before-heard stories that shine a new light on the movie’s creation.

Reynolds told CMT that the film was made for the fans. He explained,
“Well, it’s all these people … that they still seem interested is amazing. God bless them. I’m very proud that I’m in a film they like, and I hope they keep liking it.Bandit”

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