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MaxiPARTS V.I.P. Membership Program Passes on Big Savings

Australian truck and trailer parts supplier, MaxiPARTS, has announced the recent launch of a loyalty program which it calls “MaxiPARTS VIP Membership”. The Company says the program is designed to pass on significant savings to its customers via the use of weekly member-only specials.

MaxiPARTS National Sales Manager, Justin O’Brien, said that the basic premise of MaxiPARTS VIP Membership is rewarding customer loyalty to the Company’s chain of 21 retail stores. “We have a large number of loyal customers who visit our stores on a weekly basis,” he said. “We wanted to find a way to thank them for their ongoing support, which was where the concept for this program was born.”
By signing up to the program, members receive weekly emails with heavily discounted items. Specials so far have included discounted heavy duty batteries, hand ratchets and various kinds of oil.

Justin said that since the program began a month ago, the response has been overwhelming. “We’ve not only been able to sign up our loyal existing customers, but we are having new customers approach us to join as well,” he said, adding that they have now thrown the program open to the general public. “This is yet another example of MaxiPARTS adding value to our customers.”

As a VIP Member, customers also receive advance copies of MaxiPARTS’ bi-monthly catalogue and further monthly in-store specials.

Customers can sign up for MaxiPARTS VIP Membership in-store, or by visiting and following links to “VIP Sign Up”.

November 20, 2014 | Posted in: News



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