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How to connect an iPhone to the Alpine radio in a new Kenworth truck

In this how to video tutorial we get Shanksie to run through the functions and demo the set up of the new Alpine radio that's fitted in Kenworth's T909, K200, T609 and T409 models. He uses an apple Iphone for the demonstration. The neat unit can run hands free phone, Bluetooth audio as well as Bluetooth navigation from the smart phone.

Below is the technical info from Alpine's brochure on the features of the radio.
The Alpine CDA-137EBT high-performance head unit delivers benchmark sound quality thanks to Alpine's all-new CD mechanism, world-leading circuit design and cutting-edge audio engineering. Boasting advanced features including MediaXpander technology, digital time correction, 7-Band parametric EQ or 5-Band parametric EQ and high pass filter enable precise fine-tuning and sound customisation. Also, a Burr Brown 24-Bit DAC for ultra-high resolution processing and a 4-Volt pre-out stage achieve the best possible audio reproduction. Built-in Bluetooth Plus provides hands-free operation of a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, and many other convenient functions like adjustable volume and text messaging alert, as well as audio streaming. It's also ready for automatic IMPRINT calibration with the PXA-H100 processor for the ultimate in sound clarity and imaging.

To choose the right car stereo equipment, there are seven key questions:
1. Determine how much money you have to invest in your system.
2. Decide whether you are seeking "audiophile quality" or the modern equivalent of the AM radio.
3. Are you an "audio enthusiast" who wants all the bells and whistles, or is an FM Stereo all that you require?
4. What types of music do you usually listen to? Are you strictly jazz or do you like heavy metal?
5. How long do you think you'll own your car or the equipment you purchase?
6. Lastly, what special things do you have to watch out for with your car stereo? Does it have odd-shaped openings for speakers or the "head-unit?"
7. Is your car or truck designed to accommodate after-market systems?
Once you've answered these questions, you'll be on your way to making an informed buying decision.

Audio equipment comes in a wide range of prices, quality, and performance, from the least expensive mass-produced CD players, tuner/amplifiers and all-in-one systems with navigation and even TV screens, to precision-crafted "reference" components costing several hundred dollars. The key is to obtain the best possible sound quality at the most reasonable price.

If you enjoy bringing your music from our home into your car then you need a good sound system. This is why most people turn to after-market products to enhance their listening experience. Having a good quality sound system can be quite costly and this is why you should consider your purchase carefully.

One thing to consider is your car itself. Is it a 2 door, 4 door, hatch or sedan. This is important as it can greatly influence the type of sound system you purchase. Smaller cars don't need as much power as larger cars, simply because there is not as much space for the sound to travel within.

Smaller cars generally have 4 speakers. Simply upgrading these speakers will not be enough to greatly increase the sound quality. Upgrading the stereo to one that puts out 50watts per channel will give a greater increase in sound quality.

For larger cars it gets a little more complicated. In some large cars there are up to 6 speakers. It's not necessary to replace all 6; replacing 4 should be sufficient. One thing to consider in larger cars is getting a sub-woofer. Sub-woofers usually sit in the boot of the car and can put out a good amount of bass depending on the sub-woofer. To run the sub-woofer and amplifier is also necessary.

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