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Ostwald Bros Maximises Payload with PBS Tipper Combination

Over the years, Ostwald Bros Group has built a solid reputation in Australia’s transport market. To build on that success, Ostwald’s Transport Bulk Haulage division recently went in search of productivity gains for their business. Following consultation with Brisbane trailer dealer, Trailer Sales, the Company put into a service its first ever PBS quad-axle truck and dog combination, designed and manufactured by Hamelex White.

More often than not, success is based on a company’s willingness to make the necessary changes – even if it means taking a chance on new technology. With Performance Based Standards (PBS) becoming an increasingly important aspect of the transport equipment landscape, particularly in the tipper market, transport and logistics company, Ostwald Bros, understands that to be amongst the elite in Australia’s transport industry, it needs equipment that keeps up with the opposition. 

Athol Carter, Ostwald Bros’ Safety & Compliance Manager, is one person who understands the value of bringing in new and innovative equipment. “We pride ourselves on consistently adding the latest and most innovative transport gear on the market, since we know it will keep us profitable and improve the productivity of our operation,” he says. “From my point of view, PBS makes perfect business sense.”

That’s why recently, Ostwald Bros called on Trailer Sales, Queensland dealer for Hamelex White, to supply three sets of aluminium truck and quad-axle dog 20m combinations. It was a significant purchase, as it was the first time Ostwald had invested into equipment built under the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme. “We conducted extensive research into the benefits of PBS, which ended up becoming a two-year process, but it was all worth it,” recalls Athol. “The goal for acquiring the new truck and dogs was to reduce our footprint on the roads, raise productivity and maximise payload.”

Set up originally by the National Transport Commission (NTC), PBS is a nationally agreed process for assessing innovative heavy vehicle alternatives that provide substantial productivity gains not possible under general access guidelines. “PBS focuses on a vehicle’s on road performance rather than on its length and mass, ensuring that the vehicle complies with all standards of stability and rollover risk,” explains Hugh Carr from Trailer Sales. “Therefore, the new PBS combinations will maximise both flexibility and payload, providing similar payloads to that of a standard B-double. At the end of the day, it will earn the company more money per tonne in comparison to a conventional truck and quad axle dog combination, while providing increased flexibility when compared to a B-double.”

Each new combination is built on a Kenworth T409 SAR rigid and tips the scales at 57.5 tonnes gross combination mass, achieving a payload of 39.5 tonnes. “That’s a seven-tonne gain for us compared to conventional truck and dog models,” Athol says, before outlining the flexibility benefits. “Under the PBS scheme, we now have flexible vehicles that can travel on Level 1 and Level 2 roads here in Queensland as opposed to B-doubles and Type 1 road trains in our fleet that are required to use alternative routes. Having multi-purpose vehicles allows us to really make the most of each run, servicing our clients within the Surat Basin in Queensland’s south.”

The combination which Ostwald Bros selected was one of Hamelex White’s pre-approved PBS designs, which Athol explains significantly reduces much of the usual PBS approval process, helping him to get his trailers on the road sooner. “Hamelex White is the leader when it comes to pre-approved PBS combinations, reducing the waiting period for clients. We basically outlined what we needed to see in the trailers and Hamelex White filled out the rest of the features that fall under PBS requirements.”

Other key features include a 5mm flat lining sheet and a tailgate locking feature. “The sheet can handle the punishment from bulky rocks, road materials and cement boulders without sustaining damage to the interior, and enables quick load discharge,” Athol says. “We also had Hamelex White install sludge locks to the tailgates, which means we can keep sensitive products on board without it leaking out the back.”
The design also incorporates drum axles and suspensions, as well as EBS with roll stability and protection. 

Since its establishment almost 25 years ago, Ostwald Bros’ operation has grown in size. The company can now boast a diverse range of business operations – including civil construction, materials supply, facilities and accommodation management, water management, mechanical maintenance, rural services, transport and bulk haulage. Currently, the company has 32 prime movers and 115 trailers – that includes 40 AZMEB side tippers (also acquired through Trailer Sales) and a range of low loaders, flat deck trailers and water tankers.

“Success is obviously the end result every business aspires to, but for us, we also make a concerted effort to learn from the partners we deal with, especially Hamelex White,” Athol says. “Now that we are aware of what PBS can achieve, we’ll look at adding more multi-purpose trailers going forward.”

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